Tuesday, 13 January 2009

OH so Pretty

Many THANKS to Sharon M who showed me how to make these.

I made these 2 for my mum and sister. They love them.......or at least they said they did....lol

Today I'm making one for myself. And I'll try not to be so glitter happy. I think I may have add just a bit too much to these.

I am however on a mission to find the perfect wings. I'm hoping to find a WPC file of just the right wings or butterfly shape. I've had many idea's but still playing with what looks best. If you have any ideas let me know.

I'm off to watch Horton Hears a Who..........lucky me

Sharon G


Shaz :) said...

Hey Sharon, Love your fairies! Thats for the mention, but your work speaks for itself. You did a great job based on instruction and no lesson, so GO GIRL well done!!!!
I'm betting that they were well received too. Doesn't it give you that oh so fuzzy happy little feeling when someone loves the prezzie you have made for them...
Good for you getting a good head start with your layouts too... mine are still inside my pink brain here, with a million other things that are vying for me to start first lol! oooh its a crazy place inside my head hehehehe!
Stay cool...
Shaz :)

Amity Knight said...

Sharon, those fairies are wonderful. What a great idea! Where did you come up with that. I bet your Mum and sister loved them.