Friday, 16 January 2009

Been to the city.......Sydney.

We've just got back from the City.........Oh yes, it was like the clampets go to Beverly hills.
For those who have never seen my hubby he's a country bumpkin and looks so out of place. Come to think of it we did too. You can tell who the tourists are.....US
We won a Harbour bridge climb so off he went...............he bought photos and didn't fall off the coat hanger so that's all that's important. Kev took a friend of ours Ness. It was a funny site.
We went to the Sydney reptile park thing. Its next to the aquarium. It was awesome. I had heaps of butterflies land on my hat. Yes I took photos. So did all the tourists of my head. It was so cool.....or hot.
Funny thing.......we saw a group of girls sun baking in the park. Jack saw me looking and said " Those kids are silly mum, there's no water here, and there turning red" Maddisons response. "Yes jack there getting cancer. They think its fashion." Shelby added. "I'm not doing that. I don't like red, I like Pink.".
Well I'm off to look at my photos from today and find paper to match. Might go for a Milk shake at RED's.

Cheers Big ears

Sharon G

PS I'll share photo's tomorrow when I can get to the scanner.

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