Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Fires in VIC

Like most Aussies I woke Sunday to find the world had changed for my Aussies and it would never be the same.

The stories coming from Kinglake etc is just beyond thinking. I think its a lot of little things that lead to this tragedy. Heat Wind etc. None of it makes any sense. And whilst I try to shield my kids from the news, they still know whats happened.

I like the idea of stores giving all profits for a day to the bush fires etc but I really don't like it when its one product. Most people don't buy one product so it means they make profit. I'll be avoiding these stores.

I was very proud. Jackson says he giving some of his millions to them.....10c

There's lots of fund raising going on everywhere. We'll be participating in as many things as is humanly possible. Kev wants to go fight the fires. But I told him to stay in case anything happened up here. Dad was asked to go down.......hes an army engineer. But there's too much going on so he can't.

I hope they get who started will be interesting to see what happens.


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