Monday, 8 October 2007

Holiday Monday Madness

Well I continued my cleaning bug into my scrap room and finished setting it right. I have everything where I want it to go. I'm now set for Wednesday and our scrap day. I'm so looking forward to it. There's nothing like a day full of scrapping and good company. I think even if I sit and talk all day I'll be a very happy girl.

The kids are excited too. Jack will be with his best bud. I so need to scrap them. Tomorrow I'll be planning all the things I want to get done. I'll have all my page packs ready.

OK the Madness for the day. I have a Coffee table. Whats MAD about that. I guess its more about what holding it up. DRAG TYRES 2 of them. Its very cool. I wasn't sure to begin with, but now I love it. Kids think its awesome too. Shelby keeps cleaning it. Shes such a girl.