Monday, 11 June 2007

What a Weekend

What fun I had helping Kev dig trenches to drain away the water. We had one trouble spot so in true Kevin style, he used the cars to help dig. How you may ask..........He spun the wheels to dig the holes. He made some good smoke in the process. As you do. It was hard work but I laughed so much.

Monday.......Queens Birthday we had our big clean up outside. We saw worms, bugs, red backs etc. Kev decided to burn some cardboard boxes. He insisted it was all good. 20mins later the Fire Engine turned up. Kids were so excited.

I'm looking for a job and we'll be looking to move out......sooner rather than later. Into a house. With a back yard.

Lets hope the week brings new beginnings.

sharon G

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Shaz said...

HI Sharon
Sounds like you did have an eventful weekend lol!
Love the photos of Maddison and your BOM cover, they look great.Im hanging to get some scrapping done! I have been playing with opalettes today on chipboard...hmmm...when I figured out what I was doing I just loved using them. Have done some flowers and will finish them off to put on a page. First to find the paper in my stash though!
Shaz :)