Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Rain Rain Rain

Oh the rain. We some need it. But how many times am I going to have to dry kids shoes.

Where inside so that means SCRAP time. I cleaned up my scrap table. Haha I have one under all the mess. I have a new place to put all my paper. Its sooooo cool. I'll take a pic and share.

I'm off to scrap...........

"Scrapping is what air is to the body. Breathing for the soul"

That's my deep thoughts for the day.

Shazza G

1 comment:

Shaz said...

Ooooooh its almost like the "Yes Virginia there is a Santa clause!" except I can tell you "Yes Sharon there is a scrapping table " ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!! heehehehe!
Don't forget to show the photo of your organiser thingy....
Shaz :)